Get Out Virus Disinfection Card Air Sterilization Card – 45 days

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Its main ingredient is ClO2, which is a new generation of widely effective and powerful fungicide recognized internationally at present. Bacteria and viruses can be lifted up within 1meter of the wearer’s body, just like a portable air cleaner with its own protective cover.


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UGSTORE VIRUS GET OUT VIRUS Sanitization Card 45 Days Validity Period
Package Included:1 x Sterilization Card
1 x Lanyard
Product Name: Air Sterilization Card
Color: As Shown
Material: Herbal
Validity Period: 45 Days After Opening(the valid period may change according to the place of use and the situation)
Working Principle: Kill virus bacteria in the surrounding space by continuously emitting harmless natural herbs fragrances.
Note: get rid of planktonic bacteria, and other viruses (not all bacteria are cleared).
Features:- Lightweight and small, easy to carry.- Harmless and safe to human body, safe and secure use.- Suitable for public places, public transportation, school, offices, cinemas, shopping malls, and other scenes.- With a lanyard, easy to wear, can be hung directly on the chest, can also be placed in the pocket, disinfection, and sterilization anytime, anywhere.

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